About Yacht Crew Agencies

We’ve been around

With a solid 15+ years in the yachting industry Waterline Yachting is on top of the game.
Our team has served as crew, owner’s representatives, project managers and sales/charter brokers and with all this experience in an industry that’s growing and changing every day we know exactly how to get the most out of it.
We’re a team of dedicated ‘YES’-people that understand the importance of putting our clients first every single time.

Our aim is to build a transparent, strong and long lasting relationship with our clients through efficiency and reliability.

What do we want to achieve

At Waterline Yachting we’re dedicated to making sure that our clients feel satisfied that they get the most out of our services. We believe we can ensure client satisfaction by offering our services in an efficient, organised and friendly matter whether we’re dealing with yacht owners or yacht crew.

Yacht Crew Agencies